How we work (your "room")

Comic Art Should be Just That: COMIC first, ART second

Way, way, way too many artists, many of whom are quite skillful or even talented, but who have no particular sense of humor, much less comedy, in their art, have been invading the caricaturing field over the past 25 years or so. They view and treat their "subjects" (your guests) too much like "bowls of fruit" in a still life drawing classroom. They seldom if ever even TALK with the guests and when they draw them, they look upon them as more like OBJECTS than subjects.

We are just the opposite. We ENGAGE your guests and make the whole experience FUN for them. We focus on the EXPERIENCE, in fact, much more than the final "product." We do not think of the drawing as the ONLY thing that matters. We think of the drawing as an artifact of the experience. A great memento of a really special moment in their lives. The moment they were at your party or other event. NOT as a mere "party favor."

If you go into the blogs or Facebook pages of so many of the "artists" who got into caricaturing during the 1990s-2010s, you will find constant complaints about how awful it is that people are MOVING while sitting to be drawn at a party or other event. Well, news flash, nobody goes out to an event to sit like a statue for five, six or ten minutes while you prissily nitpick at your little "masterpiece." We THRIVE on the challenge of capturing the essence of your guests, and that includes the impressions they convey by moving and expressing and talking and being themselves. They are there to have fun. And that little nervous laugh that happens when the artist-types finally show them the finished "product" would be considered BOMBING in a COMEDY context. And COMEDY is what CARICATURE is all about.

With us, we are there to KILL. We are there to bring the house down. We watch for opportunities to do this and we time them to PERFORM as COMIC artists. We NEVER overreach or "try too hard." We play it sensibly so that we are never obnoxious or overbearing. That is not how comedy works. So not every drawing we do is going to bring a roaring laugh. But we know how to work the room in a way that leaves folks knowing and feeling that they have had a great time and we have plenty of videos and photos of people laughing their heads off to show that we can hit it enough to be called ENTERTAINERS and not just "artists."