Astro-caricatures: a fun new idea combining three different ancient arts for your party or event!

Astrology Reading, Face Reading and Face Drawing for Your Guests!

Astrological readings and caricature drawings have been done at parties and events as favorite forms of entertainment for decades. Face reading is a third, related art that has not become widely practiced or known but it is a fascinating complement to these two methods of learning about ourselves and others.

We became interested in astrology when we began noticing that people born around the same birthdays often look amazingly alike! We have been drawing thousands of faces every year for over 35 years, and when meeting people and drawing them we ask them about themselves. After a number of years, we began wondering if we could figure out any predictable patterns when it came to their physical appearance based on their birthday or astrological chart. Now, we can hardly resist asking folks when they sit down to be drawn: WHAT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY?

When we perform astro-caricaturing at parties, we ask the guest their birthday, do a quick caricature sketch while we give a basic reading about their sun-sign personality combined with a face-reading, and then if the client wishes we can spend another 8-12 minutes with each guest doing a computer-generated natal chart and reading based on the combined information from all of the above. If guests are able to supply their exact time and location of birth, this can be uncannily detailed. If not, it is still pretty amazing how much we can find out about them from the data generated based just on the birth date and year combined with the perceptions we have become sensitized to while performing caricaturing and face reading. Your guests will be impressed, enlightened and delighted by the perceptions we can garner in such a short time with no previous knowledge of them.

When you hire us to draw astro-caricatures, you will be doing something truly novel and unexpected at your party or event! The drawing is a wonderful keepsake of the reading and we have fun incorporating symbolizations and depictions of character traits gleaned from the astrological and facial interpretations discovered during the reading.